I've been trying to make a datapack, which involves using the debug stick as a substitute item in crafting. I'm using this item only because its the only unstackable item that isn't obtainable in survival mode (I think).

I'm making a resource pack for this data pack but the only problem is the glint (the enchanted effect) on the item, I don't know how to get rid of it. I thought that using "parent:generated" would remove these effects, but it didn't. I'm guessing there is maybe a file that I can disable the glint effect (only for the debug stick though).

Also I do not want to use mods thank you.

Note: I cannot use nbt tags due to the restrictions in making datapacks and yes I just found out that you can use knowledge books however the debug stick also have other useful functionalities and I want to find out if this is possible or not

  • Re bounty text: Which files do you mean? Also, how would a 3rd party website help in any way? – Fabian Röling 14 hours ago

If I remember correctly, you can use any tool with some janky attributes like an unbreakable carrot on a stick with 28 damage. This results in an item thats not obtainable in survival and pretty easy to check for, since you can check for an item of the type carrot on a stick with 28 damage and the unbreakable tag.

For creating such tools, you could use a website like this

This also allows you to change the texture of every item you add this way, which is generated by the website as well


I forgot to mention that these tools do not have the glowing echanted effect, since they're unbreakable via the tag and not via an enchantement

  • nbt tags do not work in crafting items in datapacks (I should have specified the requirements more), also carrot on the stick have the tendency to attract pigs. – Joe Dec 3 '19 at 3:36

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