I've just purchased Pokémon HeartGold for the Nintendo DS Lite and I was wondering if I could pair any Pokéwalker with my copy or would I need the Pokéwalker that was paired with the copy when new?


According to my research you can connect any Pokewalker to any copy of HeatGold or SoulSilver (HG/SS), assuming it is clean and not currently synced to a different save file of HG/SS.

If you do not have a clean Pokewalker (one that is not currently tied to another copy of HG/SS), you can reset it without the original save file on your copy of the game.

Go to the Pokewalker Connection Screen and hold [Down + X + L]. After that, you can connect the Pokewalker to the game to wipe the Pokewalker clean.

Note: it appears that 3DS devices and beyond have a hard time connecting to Pokewalkers. You will likely need to do this on a DS or DS Lite device.

Another note: I did not test this myself, I just did research.


  • Thank you so much! :D
    – Mr. E Rose
    Dec 6 '19 at 1:50

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