If a player gets caught trespassing using the disguise module, or if they get caught stealing something, they can try a skill check that gets harder every time the player gets caught. Can this skill check eventually require a skill of over 100 for successful completion? Because you can get to 100 skill at level 8 or so if you rush it, and it feels like that might break such checks if they're capped at 100.

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I've beat Outer Worlds and never saw a skill check require more than 100 in a given skill. There are a handful of end-game skill checks that actually hit 100, but none that I've seen go beyond.

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    It seems that DLC (currently only Peril on Gorgon) increases that to 150, since there are plenty of hacking/lockpicking checks at 150 there.
    – Chris Down
    Oct 12, 2020 at 19:39

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