Is Alice still able to successfully shift and assume Bob's identity if Bob was killed by the militia the same night?

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In this instance Alice will appear to die, and Bob will appear to survive the shot.

Kills are resolved against the player not the identity.

So assume:

  • PlayerA has identity Alice (Shifter)
  • PlayerB has identity Bob (Normal Player)
  • PlayerM has identity Mike (Militia)


  • PlayerA chooses to shift, and targets Bob (PlayerB)
  • PlayerM chooses to kill, and targets Bob (PlayerB)

In the morning:

  • PlayerB is killed (From wolf kill and militia shot).
  • PlayerA and PlayerB swap identities (Shift)

So the identities are now:

  • PlayerA has identity Bob (Shifter)
  • PlayerB has identity Alice (Normal Player)
  • PlayerM has identity Mike (Militia)

The game will then show:

  • Alice (PlayerB) died in the night

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