Is Alice still able to successfully shift and assume Bob's identity if Bob was killed by the militia the same night?


In this instance Alice will appear to die, and Bob will appear to survive the shot.

Kills are resolved against the player not the identity.

So assume:

  • PlayerA has identity Alice (Shifter)
  • PlayerB has identity Bob (Normal Player)
  • PlayerM has identity Mike (Militia)


  • PlayerA chooses to shift, and targets Bob (PlayerB)
  • PlayerM chooses to kill, and targets Bob (PlayerB)

In the morning:

  • PlayerB is killed (From wolf kill and militia shot).
  • PlayerA and PlayerB swap identities (Shift)

So the identities are now:

  • PlayerA has identity Bob (Shifter)
  • PlayerB has identity Alice (Normal Player)
  • PlayerM has identity Mike (Militia)

The game will then show:

  • Alice (PlayerB) died in the night

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