I have a 128kb sav file that I want to use for Pokémon Fire Red. This sav file was not created by another emulator.

The filename of the sav matches that of the ROM - the sav file originated from the ROM file I have.

The ROM file is in the same directory as VBA, yet when I run it in VBA, no "Loaded battery" text shows up, and when I get past the game's main menu, the game acts as if I've never played even though there is a save file in the directory.

Importing through File → Import → Battery file results in no change.

Save type in Options → Emulator → Save type is Automatic/Flash 128k.

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From my experience VBA looks for sav file named exactly like the game in the current folder. So try renaming the sav exactly like the game without the extension.



Then just run it.


I got a reply. The file was corrupted.


For me the solution was to generate a .sgm file which can be loaded via File > Load. Just use these in the future as your main backups. Happy gaming.

  • And how do you "generate" one such file?
    – Unknow0059
    Jan 17, 2021 at 3:48

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