I downloaded Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition on Steam and wanted to play online with friends, but every time I click the Multiplayer button, AoE says "Signing into Multiplayer Services", and nothing happens. How can I sign into these services or make the game work?

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AoE2 DE employs a battle server that relies on XBOX service meaning you need an Outlook account to join the multiplayer dedicated servers.

Additionally windows 10 is the minimum requirement system to run the game.

Once signed up an outlook account..

Run AOE2 through steam and top right window press: Xbox Live Sign In

sign in age of empires 2 definitive multiplayer

Insert your outlook email and password Then hit Let's Play!

join xbox multiplayer

Multiplayer & Benchmark

At this point you can press the multiplayer shield to your left and a benchmark test will begin (30 - 50 seconds). If you score at least 900 points you will be instantly sent to the multiplayer screen which looks like..

aoe2 de multiplayer tabs

(Lobby Browser tab is the unranked section where people play casually)

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