One of the features that the DFHACK mod adds to Dwarf Fortress is the ability to save stockpile settings and load them into a different stockpile, which is much faster than repeating the workflow of selecting the item types that you want in the stockpile one at a time. It even allows you to load stockpile settings saved from a different world.

But some of the item types listed in the stockpile settings menu are procedurally generated - for example forgotten beast meats and musical instruments and their components - and the number of types of these in one world won't necessarily be the same as the number of types in a different world.

It's not difficult to imagine how an implementation of saved stockpile settings could cause problems when importing stockpile settings from one world into another world - if it's just a save of a block of opaque binary data, the correct size for that data won't be the same between worlds with different numbers of procedurally generated item types, and loading stockpile settings from another world would cause a buffer overrun if it's too big or leave uninitialized memory if it's too small.

So, is it safe to load stockpile settings into different world from the one in which they were saved?

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