With the new Synthesis update we can now dismantle no more wanted starships. But how exactly do we do that?

I have found an old broken - not yet flying ship - on a new planet. It is possible to summon this ship to my base. But not to my freighter.

Do I have to repair the starship first to the point where I can fly it to the next space station and then dismantle it at the "Starship Outfitting Terminal"?

Or do you know another way to dismantle such a no more needed starship?

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If you take it to any space station you will find a ship outfitters next to where the appearance modifier is normally located.

In order to get it to a space station you'll need to repair the Launch Thruster and Pulse Engine.

You'll be given the option to upgrade it or break it down. If you're lucky when breaking it down you'll be given a ship augmentation which you can use to expand the storage/technology capacity of another ship.

Once you have broken your ship down, 1 of your other ships will appear in the stations docking bay (from experience which ship you get from your collection seems to be random).


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