In Portal, there are radios littered throughout the game playing elevator music and encoded transmissions. However, when put one through the Material Emancipation Grill, it makes a distorted noise as it disintegrates. I am looking for the audio file for that.

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The disintegration sounds are in (for standard Windows configuration of Steam) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Portal\portal\portal_pak_dir.vpk.

This file has a bunch of folders with files used in Portal. I opened it in GCFScape and found that dinosaur_fizzle.wav, dinosaur_fizzle2.wav, and dinosaur_fizzle3.wav. As seen in this video these files were added along with the other radio-related audio to the 2010 update and play when the radio is "emancipated".

The three specific files are in this Google Drive folder I made.


I couldn't find an exact audio file for it from the game files (although maybe someone can find it with more time).

I did manage to record the sound of the radio being destroyed by an Emancipation Grill.

I'll leave the link right here

you might have to cut off some extra sounds, unless you wish to keep them

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