I've finally found a jungle in my world, and spotted a couple of ocelots that I would like to bring back to my base. I've gained their trust since I've fed them with raw fish.

However, they're still ambient, passive mobs. Will they despawn after a while? Do I need to name them with a name tag?

  • They shouldn't, but I haven't tried it yet. Dec 23, 2019 at 0:39

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I just spawned a bunch of ocelots, tamed some of them, ran /say @e, flew >128 blocks upwards (because mobs that can despawn will instantly despawn when more than 128 blocks away from all players) and ran /say @e again. The second time I got much less output, but still some ocelots.

So the answer is: Trusting ocelots do not despawn, others do.

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