I bought Resident Evil 7 recently on PS4 for a family member, but on the home screen under the title it says "PS VR". In the store it says that it's VR compatible but is a VR set necessary to play the game? I've tried looking it up but I can't find anything that says yes or no.

  • The answer is not mandatory, but the small VR Logo makes reference, this game is VR compatible, I have it and its a really amazing experience. If the game itself is very scary, on the VR its amazing. Jun 2 at 18:41

On PC you certainly don't need the VR headset (speaking mostly from experience, but you can find many streamers/speedrunners that run the game without a VR headset). I went over to twitch and did find some streams that were on PS4 and the streamer did not have a headset on (for instance, here). Furthermore, the PS4 store itself does not sell a VR version of the game, just the game itself as VR compatible (seen here).

  • He's playing today perfectly fine without the Headset. Thanks for the help!
    – Robbie
    Dec 25 '19 at 21:49

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