Via the Xbox Accessories app, it appears that you can remap the buttons on your Xbox one controller (awesome!).

Question: Would the newly remapped button scheme be stored directly on the controller? Or on the Xbox/PC? In other words, if I remap the buttons, and then use the controller with a different Xbox/PC, will my remapped button scheme come along with me to the new system? Is the behavior any different with the Elite controller?

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I don't think it stores any information on gamepad itself.

You can imagine something like this:

  • Standard: Xbox Game Pad A > Receiver > Xbox Console > Yeap that's an A.
  • With Xbox Accessories app: Xbox Game Pad A > Receiver > Wait a second I should check my own profile. Nope it's not A, it's B (says the app) > Xbox Console > Yeap that's a B!

It's just a profiler app. But let's say you're using another console with Xbox Accessories not installed, how can it manage this signal binding?


For a classic Xbox controller, it appears not.

But, according to Microsoft Store:

With an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller or Xbox Adaptive Controller, you can save multiple profiles to your controller, so they’re ready to use whenever you’re ready to game.

This seems confirmed by this Reddit:

Yes, the profiles are saved in the controller so they'll stay the same across platforms.

And makes sense, because you can't even start the app on PC without a connected controller.

Also Microsoft Store states that "the app allows you to update firmware for your controller", so this should be how the app actually works.

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