I finished the 1st year and I didn't know how to get to the dark characters and unlock them and I have only learned 2 spells. Can I go back into the 1st year and get them if so how can I do that and where do I find the dark characters?


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To get Dark Characters you need to complete all of the levels in years 1-4. Then get Griphook from Gringotts. Then go to the last level of Year 2 in The Chamber of Secrets and there should be a Safe that Griphook can open which unlocks Tom Riddle who has Dark Magic

  • Okay. Now I have been seeing people getting like Snape and others in the first year would you happen to know how to get him/them? Thank you so much for your help by the way
    – LynnPZ
    Dec 29, 2019 at 21:44

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