I was wondering in what places or menus I can buy Special MK2 Ammo (Tracer, Hollow Point, Incendiary, Armour Piercing, Full Metal Jacket and Explosive).


Special ammo requires that you own a Bunker and have unlocked it via Research.

Which research projects get unlocked is somewhat random; however, in my experience (and via friends), one of either explosive or incendiary rounds will unlock pretty quick, while the other will unlock nearly last. The remaining ammo types will unlock at some point.

With research, I find it best to set your initial spawn point in the bunker and restock supplies right away every time you load in. Then, I set my research staff to both, which didn't seem to slow the research progress down much.

Finally, once the ammo is unlocked, it can be purchased at any of your weapons workbenches. These can be found in:

  • Arcade
  • Terrorbyte
  • Mobile Operations Center (with weapon workshop upgrade)
  • Arena Workshop (with weapons expert upgrade)
  • Avenger (with weapon workshop upgrade)

I also have my weapon loadout configured as follows (for maximum leathality):

  • Combat MG -> FMJ rounds (pierces armored vehicles)
  • SMG -> Hollow point rounds
  • Carbine -> Armor piercing
  • Assault Rifle -> Incendiary
  • Bullpup Rifle -> Armor piercing
  • Heavy sniper -> Incendiary
  • Pump shotgun -> Explosive

I do not put special ammo in the Special Carbine nor the Marksman, even though you can. It's nice to have general purpose weapons with basically unlimited ammo, and Special Carbine is a beast with headshots.

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    Another way that I found is to accept a Contact Mission, buy the ammo from the menu and then leave (you appear in the same location in freemode). – Lemon Jan 30 at 15:49
  • Hmm, did not think of that... might be a new feature (I don't think it used to let you buy ammo for upgraded weapon magazine types from that screen). – theMayer Jan 30 at 15:52
  • 1
    Is not a new feature, when you are going to start an activity that uses weapons (Contact, Heist, GTA Race, etc) you can buy ammo while you wait for more players. The only drawback is that you need to select the MK2 weapon manually and buy the ammo for it, because you can't use Buy All to get MK2 ammo. – Lemon Jan 30 at 15:58

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