“The World Next Door” has a couple of places, where you can get somewhat different information based on who you priorize interacting with. But the big distinction is in the ending, where a binary choice is given.

Sadly, the game autosaves after the last dungeon, right before the final scene, and it doesn't have a savegame system other than “continue from autosave”. As a consequence, there is no obvious way to replay the last dungeon with the second option.

Now, I really liked the game and would like to see both endings. But I didn't like it enough to play it all over again, just for that.

Is there any possibility to play the second ending without starting the game over?

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From the relevant reddit post:

  • For the PC version it is possible, but only by backing up the savegame before making the decision. (They should be stored inside the installation directory.)
  • Switch players are probably out of luck.
  • The next best thing I found is this youtube video.

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