In the Steam Library interface, for a given game, I have a "post-game summary" section that shows an achievement, and what percentage of players obtain that achievement. (ie. "7.2% of players have this achievement").

Steam Post-game Summary

However, once this post-game summary disappears, I can no longer view that percentage of people. I tried going to View My Achievements, but it doesn't show up there.

enter image description here

Question: how do I view the percentage of players who have a specific achievement later on, after the post-game summary is gone?


You can see these stats in the Global Achievement Stats page, reached by clicking the "View global achievements stats" link on your achievements page:

My own achievements page

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    +1 for the free handle drawn ellipse – DH. Dec 31 '19 at 14:35
  • this info is also visible in the tooltip which appears in the new library view, and also in the profile box "achievement showcase"; however it's not shown in the tooltip which appears in the profile "recent activity" section, nor those which appear in the friend activity page. – Aaron F Jan 1 at 14:56

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