I was wondering is there's a way you can view your activity on the Xbox One X. I need to know exactly what time I was on my Xbox on a specific date and how long I was on for.

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I know of two ways to get detailed information about time spent playing on Xbox One, you can receive a weekly email report and check the information on the site

1) The first is to set up a family group and add yourself to it:

  • Go to Family Microsoft and create a group with a different Microsoft account
  • Find your account and select Activity
  • Select Manage and set Activity reporting to ON

You can also turn off email reporting, switch Email me weekly reports to OFF

You can find more details on this website

2) The second way shows information about a specific game, you can compare it with friends

You can get statistics for a given game directly from your Xbox, but you will only have statistics for a given game, not all games activity. Check the answer to the previously asked question: How can I tell how much time I've spent in an Xbox One game?

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