Do I need to buy the Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion pass multiple times to use it on both versions?

If I buy the expansion pass, will my friends be able to use it on my console?

Speculation or unconfirmed non Nintendo sources are not welcome, as many interviews about the game talked about 16 player multiplayer and 18 gyms, and that was nowhere to be found, so I prefer Nintendo sources.


To the first part, yes, according to https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/bundles/70070000009664 you need to buy the shield and sword expansion passes separately and are only usable with their respective versions.

As far as owning for example pokemon sword expansion, and your friend also using sword, that has not been definiteively answered, however, you can transfer pokemon caught on the expansion islands to games / players who do not own the expansion.

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The official Pokémon website states that you have to purchase the version that matches you game version so you have to buy one for sword and one for shield. You get both expansions in the pass.

This Nintendo support answer says all DLC are available to profiles on the same console but the question was about Zelda so we cannot be sure it will be for Pokemon

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