The Steam Library has a display of the latest community content beneath the information for a game. The problem is loads of this is in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages that I can't read and am not interested in.

Is there a way to filter out content in specific languages?

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    There seems to be an option to turn the community content off completely, but nothing to filter by language. – Timmy Jim Jan 11 at 13:44

The community content isn't filtered by language on the Workshop, so I don't think it's possible to do that.

You can try and ask about it or suggest this feature to the developers here

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    Welcome to the site Leo! "This isn't possible" is a perfectly valid answer on Arqade, so I've gone ahead and removed your sentence about how you can't comment yet. Cheers! – Wipqozn Jan 27 at 16:06
  • Thanks, and happy to be here among my ken – Leo Jebran Jan 27 at 23:08

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