I'm curious about cars that you can steal and sell for the most money in GTA Online.

I know there's a chance that modded Sentinel XS can spawn after midngiht till morning near Tequi-la-la which can be sold around 14k-18k and modded Sandkings spawns near the LS Customs in Sandy Shores, sell price same as Sentinel XS. But are there vehicles that can be sold for more?

  • If you have a Dubsta2, you can spawn in more Dubsta2s which sell for more than $10k. I've also seen ruiners and dominators (and potentially more, I'm still testing) spawn while using the Dubsta2 spawn method, and those sell for $10k+ each as well. There's also a Sandking XL that may spawn in Blaine county, yet I've never been able to get those to spawn. – At0mic Jan 18 at 15:38
  • There are far more productive ways to earn GTA$... just sayin' – theMayer Jan 30 at 15:29
  • yes I know, i was just curious about vehicles – Kerk Jan 31 at 8:17

These appear to be the highest selling cars


according to this link and verified by this link and this, potentially duplicate, question.

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  • yes i know these, but sometimes you can find some custom modified or tuned cars around the map that you can sell for more – Kerk Jan 17 at 15:38

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