According to the SmashWiki, a sex kick is an aerial attack in which a foot or arm remains extended for a few moments after the initial thrust. The origin is claimed as:

The term was coined by smasher Matt Deezie as a sexual innuendo referring to the properties of the attack in the original Super Smash Bros.

What I don't understand is the innuendo. What innuendo is it referring to? The wiki doesn't elaborate further, and my best guess is a crude dick joke, but there's not really much I can think of that relates to the properties of the sex kick. And then some comments on boards say that Dr. Mario has a reverse sex kick, which is even more confusing.

So what innuendo am I missing? Why is a "sex kick" described as so?

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There was a Reddit thread some years back where the community discussed this, and the most-upvoted explanation given was:

In sex, the thrust is presumably the strongest. That is why a sex kick is stronger during the first few frames.

A reverse sex kick (Dr Mario) is basically just saying that the man with a PHD prefers to go hard after the thrust.

It's a bit weak as far as innuendo goes, but I'd guess at least part of the name choice probably has to do with it being a game that was incredibly popular with teenage boys rather than any inherent property of the moves.

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