I've played Injustice 2 with my friend on my their Xbox. Each player can login from their account, in order to track their progress.

Does Steam support this feature, especially when playing multiplayer games with Steam controllers?

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    Do you mean the players playing multiplayer together on different systems over LAN using a single copy of the game? – Studoku- Reinstate Monica Jan 23 at 15:09
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    Hi there, welcome to Arqade! Can you clarify the specifics on how you intend to play together on Steam? For example, split-screen, LAN, or online game? – Gigazelle Jan 23 at 22:08
  • Sounds like local multiplayer but with 'login' for the second player to access their account, track their stats, use their loadouts etc. – Robotnik Jan 24 at 0:40

I don't think Steam enables such feature, unless the game itself has a account system itself (such as some MMORPGs)

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