I remember as a child seeing in my home town a train that was running down the street in the industrial area. Is this possible for trains to use tram street tracks?

  • Did you really see a train running on tram tracks? A lot of industrial areas have train tracks which trams don't run on. – Kyralessa Jan 22 '20 at 17:27
  • That is a thing. A number of US light rail systems get used by freight trains at night (San Diego; Trenton RiverLine, etc.) – Harper - Reinstate Monica Feb 26 at 7:21

No, at the moment when writing this answer, trains will not run over tram/street tracks.

However, if you want to create that illusion/something similar you could try to use Anarchy mod which enables to lay down the train tracks over the road/road network over the train tracks.

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