My work colleagues and I were discussing this game, and I was asked how far I had got with the game.

As my game currently has three odysseys listed in my Quest sidebar, I wasn't sure how to respond to this.

It made me wonder how to find out how much of the game content I've completed. However I cannot find it listed anywhere in the game after a brief search.

How can I find out how much of the game I've completed? Either in main story odysseys or total content completion.


It seems that you can check your game progression on the Ubisoft Club website.


On the stats page a column sidebar lists your progression on certain things within the game.

Main story progression

There doesn't seem to be an overall completion percentage though.

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    This is a small feature that Rockstar gets completely. In Rockstar Social Club, they list 7/9 main, 4/9 side missions etc. Wish more games incorporated this for completionists like me. – Lore Friendly Jan 23 at 10:04

If you're playing through Uplay, you can see a more detailed list under Statistics:

Uplay Asscreed Odyssey Statistics page
(source. the same thread suggests this page can be buggy, however)

Apart from general statistics, it shows the amount of completion in percentages of the Main Progression, Regions Discovered, Reach High Points Synched, Abilities Acquired, and Ship Upgrades.

  • This is what's on the website, although good to know it's in the client also. – David Yell Jan 24 at 9:21

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