It started about last month and I don't know if it's because of my mods that I have installed or what. My game crashes every time after about playing for 30 minutes. Can someone take a look at this log and say what's wrong with my game? Also this is my BOSS log.

I just realized that when I fast travel to Whiterun my game crashes. Until last month I thought that the problem is my 2 gig ram and that It could't handle my mods anymore but I upgraded it to 12G and I still have those problems. I don't have anymore details to share.

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  • Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the game? Did you get it from steam? If so have you tried checking file integrity? Did these problems come up as soon as you started playing with the mods or did it not happen until a while after? – Robbie Jan 28 at 18:11
  • No I cracked it because I live in Iran and I can't buy games. Before mods I didn't have any crashes and I got familiar with SinitarGaming and I installed about 100 mods together. that's why I don't know what is the problem so I posted my log to see if anyone can figure s.th out. – Amir Hossein Jan 28 at 18:20
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because we do not support cracked versions of games. – Dragonrage Jan 28 at 18:39