My niece wanted the Minecraft Spider Queen mod on her Amazon Fire Tablet. I tried to install the mod from curseforge (linked above), but I was unsuccessful.

Is it even possible to install on a Fire tablet? I'm not a Minecraft player, so I don't know the go-to for installing any mods, let alone this specific one, nor am I familiar with Fire tablets, so keep that in mind when answering (i.e. explain it like I'm 5).

FYI, I don't know what type of Minecraft install she has. I don't live near her, so I wouldn't be able to try any answer or answer questions about my question until the next visit, which may be months from now.

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It isn't possible

The mod you listed is for the Java version of Minecraft. You are unable to load Java mods on the Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

If you wanted to install custom made items such as texture packs or maps, you can find them on the Minecraft Marketplace within the game.

Note: Some items in the Marketplace cost real money.

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