I’m trying to make a multiplayer mini-game map. The solo player can activate command blocks to give harmful effects to everyone but themself. I’m using the [name=!] command, but I was wondering if there was something more efficient? If the roles of players were to rotate, say, if someone new became the solo player, is there a better way than re-inputting the new player’s name every time? Or am I stuck using the command I already use? Apologies if this was confusing.

  • In MCJava you can for example use tags, I don't know if they exist in MCBE. If they don't, then scoreboards probably do at least. Also, "[name=!]" is not a command, it's a part of a target selector that can be used in commands. And if I understand your question correctly, you don't actually want a "quicker" way to do anything, but a more general one. – Fabian Röling Jan 31 at 1:50

You could use tags, or this command: effect @a[c=!1] poison 100 1
The c= means closest players, so c=2 is the closest 2 players, and c=!1 means not the closest one player.

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