The problem I'm having is evenly distributing cactus from my farm into my xp smelter. Because the cactus flows into the hopper minecart relatively slowly, it is filling the first furnace on the minecart track more than the others. I'd really like to do 5 or 6 or n furnaces, but I'll settle for a solution that involves 4.

One thing I tried was simply two hoppers underneath a chest, then 2 hoppers underneath each of the output chests (so 4 hoppers on this layer), but two of the furnaces filled up while two completely did not... something like an expansion of this.

  • Why is that question and answer insufficient for your needs? It explains why setting up Chests/Hoppers like you described won't work, and how to fix it... – John Feb 3 at 20:45
  • @John , the method described there works for 2 chests – ChootsMagoots Feb 5 at 1:16
  • So, 2 chests, then you have 2 hopper lines, and you split it using two more chests to 4 hopper lines..... – John Feb 5 at 15:02

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