Is possible to join a Bedrock Server from a PS4? If so, how?


Is possible! You just need a PC running Windows, macOS or Linux and an app called phantom for creating a LAN Server that the PS4 can join from the Friends tab.

To use phantom, you need to:

  • Download the correct file for your system from GitHub Releases
  • Look for the location of the file that you just downloaded
  • Copy the path of the file
    • Windows: Press Shift and Right Click the file, then select "Copy as path"
    • macOS: Select the file, go to the top bar and click "Edit" and then select "Copy "phantom-macos" as Pathname"
  • Open a terminal or command line for your Operating System
    • Windows: Press Win + R, write cmd and press Enter
    • macOS: Press + Space, write "Terminal" and press Enter
  • Enter the path that you just copied on the terminal
    • Windows: Right Click on the black area or press CTRL + V (Windows 10 only)
    • macOS: First you need write a dot (.), then go to "Edit" on the top bar and select "Paste"
  • After the path of the file, add a space and -server <server-ip-and-port> (for example, -server example.com:19132)
  • You should have something like
C:\Users\lemon>"E:\phantom-windows.exe" -server example.com:19132
  • Press Enter, you should see something like
Starting up with remote server IP: example:19132
INFO: 2020/02/02 20:48:00 proxy.go:75: Binding ping server to:
INFO: 2020/02/02 20:48:00 clientmap.go:66: Starting idle connection handler
INFO: 2020/02/02 20:48:00 proxy.go:84: Binding proxy server to:
INFO: 2020/02/02 20:48:00 proxy.go:91: Proxy server listening!
  • On your PS4, you should be able to see the server on the Friends tab as a LAN Game

enter image description here

Just connect and you are done! Remember that phantom needs to be running when you want to play on the server from your PS4.

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  • Wow could it be more complicated to join a server of people who are playing the same game as you XD – Stormblessed Feb 3 at 0:18
  • 1
    That is Sony for you. There are "protections" in place that prevent players from connecting directly to dedicated servers. – Lemon Feb 3 at 0:24

I would just like to add to this answer. On Windows, you can create the batch (.bat) file shown below in the same folder as the executable (.exe) file to start the process by right-clicking → Run As Administrator on the .bat file (x = IP Address, # = Port Number):

cd %~dp0
phantom-windows-32bit.exe -server x.x.x.x:#

The same can be done on MacOS by creating the script below with no file extension in the same folder as phantom-macos:

LAUNCH_DIRECTORY=$(cd "$(dirname "$0")"; pwd -P)
"$LAUNCH_DIRECTORY/phantom-macos" -server x.x.x.x:#

However, MacOs requires a few extra steps for setup and packaging to set permissions so that it will run. You will need to right-click on (not inside) the containing folder → New Terminal at Folder and then type the following two commands:

chmod +x nameofscript
chmod +x phantom-macos

Alternatively, you can manually open a terminal window and type "chmod +x " and just drag the files into the terminal.

This will make both files executable and the files should retain those settings if you zip up the folder and send to a friend so that they don't have to manually run these commands.

From here you just need to right-click both files (the script and phantom-macos) and → Open → Open Anyway to allow them to run. (*If you followed the steps above, this step is the only extra configuration someone else will need to do on their Mac if you send them a zipped package as described.)

Once this is done, you can double-click nameofscript to launch phantom-macos from then on.

*Depending on your version of MacOS you may also need to disable the firewall for this to work.

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  • On macOS and Linux, you can use bash scripts. – Lemon Mar 26 at 2:50

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