I was bankstanding and saw a guy standing there with this awesome looking pet I have never seen before.

front view

closer view

I looked around on the wiki and it doesnt look like any of the boss or skilling pets. What pet is this and how can I get one?


That is an Olmlet pet metamorphosised to the Vasa Minirio variant. It can be obtained by first getting an Olmlet in Chambers of Xeric, and then obtaining metamorphic dust by completing Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode within the target time as a 1/400 drop.

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  • Ahh thanks! Ive never done raids so it now it makes sense why it didnt look familiar. – Kyle Rone Feb 5 at 3:53
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    Do take note as you answered that olmlet is a 1/53 chance drop rate in chambers, that it can only be obtained when you get a purple (rare) drop which is around 1/16 so the actual drop rate is somewhere among 1/848 although this is not yet officially confirmed. While this is not the case for obtaining the dust from challenge mode, this is a clean 1/400 drop rate. – mrdeadsven Feb 5 at 12:12
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    @mrdeadsven It's worth noting that the crystal dust only has a chance to drop if you complete within a certain time limit that varies based on your party size. Also raids loot aside from the dust is based on points achieved in the raid, so ~1/53 and ~1/16 are rough estimates based on estimated average points per raid. If you are getting more or less points due to upscaling or deaths these rates will vary significantly. – disc_code22 Feb 5 at 13:58
  • @disc_code22 great addition, I almost forgot about this since I did my last 300 raids with the same party and we always end with roughly the same points and time. – mrdeadsven Feb 5 at 14:07

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