I have already tried looking up the issue and it seems like nobody else has reported it. I have downloaded Faithful x32 for 1.12.2 from the official website and noticed that hoppers which face in a different direction than down are missing their texture. hoopers missing texture

They do, however, still have their arrows on the bottom. enter image description here The paintings are from another texture pack and although I'm not only running Faithful, I've verified it is the source of the problem.

I am using the following texture packs:

  • Custom paintings (basically just the paintings png)
  • Faithful Dark GUI (inventory, chests, etc. are dark instead of light)
  • Faithful
  • Default

So far I have tried fixing the issue manually but to no success. I can verify I have the file hopper_inside.png, hopper_outside.png and hopper_top.png in the /assets/minecraft/textures/blocks/ folder (as seen below).

inside outside top

I couldn't figure out where could I find the side texture or why this could be happening.

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