If a Maple Wolf attempts to eat a Blood Moon Cult (BMC) player who is marked by the Rite of Fenrir, do they convert them into a Werewolf for the other team, even though the Maple Wolf is a pro-village role?

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    I'll let someone officially answer this but in a recent game I was BMC and had 2 conversion messages on a night I was attacked by a Maple and an Omegawolf. So it would suggest it's possible Feb 9 '20 at 14:54

An attack from a maple wolf works the same as an attack from a normal werewolf (after all, they're still a wolf, they're just trying to eat fewer innocent people these days...) so yes, it will trigger the conversion.

Any huntsman that is guarding the maple wolf's target will also trigger. After all, a huntsman is unlikely to ask a 7ft clawed monstrosity barrelling towards the person they've sworn to protect at supernatural speed if they mean any harm or not first...

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    If the Maples does convert a BMC, does it count as a meal to stop him going from hungry? Feb 9 '20 at 21:30

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