Im trying to make a scavenger hunt for my friend and I want to make an ore kill her when she picks it up


Depends on the ore. But assuming we are talking vanilla minecraft:

Redstone ore has the interesting property that is emits a signal when steped on or otherwise interacted with. So you could simply place a command block right next to it and have that execute whoever you want killed.

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You can do that by downloading the Fake Ores mod, which you can download at Curseforge.

This mod will add fake ores in your Minecraft world. When you break a fake ore, it becomes alive and then attacks you. All fake ores may drops some items that allows you to craft the Ores Boss spawner. A cup spawn when you kill the Ores Boss.

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    Can you explain what the mod in the link actually does? If that link dies for some reason, your answer just becomes "You can do that by downloading mods". – Kyle Rone Feb 13 at 18:00
  • InfiniteEnternitis, I've gone head and updated your answer to include the name and description of the mod, along with direct link to the download page. When suggesting a mod as solution, I'd suggest always including this information. Cheers. – Wipqozn Feb 13 at 21:43
  • Thank you very, very much – InfiniteEnternitis Feb 14 at 1:57

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