I am making a map in 1.12.2, I want to make it so when you trow a specific item on the ground there will be a pillar placed on those coordinates. Can someone help me? (I already have the dropping system, I only need the pillar to be teleported)


It's very similar to the 1.13+ variant, just with different syntax:

/execute @e[type=item,<whatever other conditions>] ~ ~ ~ clone <lower pillar coordinates> <higher pillar coordinates>  ~ ~ ~

Replace <whatever other coordinates> with the conditions that you have already figured out (scoreboard or whatever), <lower pillar coordinates> with the lowest X, Y and Z coordinates of the pre-built structure (for example 123 456 789) and <higher pillar coordinates> with the highest ones (for example 133 466 799 for an 11×11×11 pillar).

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  • You should also check for OnGround, as without it the pillar will spawn on your head the instant you drop the item. – AMJ Feb 16 at 20:36
  • The asker said that they had already figured that out. And it's a separate problem from the cloning part (especially in 1.12, where you need /scoreboard). – Fabian Röling Feb 16 at 21:07

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