In Splatoon 2, there is an option to reset to level 1 which is only possible after reaching level 99.

What happens to your gear and all other things collected? Can you use all weapons available at level 1? Do we get sea snail from level 1 or at level 30?


Per the reset dialogue with Judd, when you reset to ★1, you retain all of your gear, and all shops will remain available to you. You will also earn a sea snail when reaching level ★2, and every level after. ★1 is effectively just level 100.

screenshot of Judd saying "Mrowr! (When you become level ★1, you'll keep all the gear and weapons you've collected so far!"


I've cycled through the 100 levels many times. (I'm probably on about level "750", I think.)

Fortunately there is absolutely no difference - nothing whatsoever happens.

There is absolutely no difference at all.

One way to think about it is simply that they don't show the first digit of your level.

So, level 312 is just shown as 12, level 941 is just shown as 41, 182 is just shown as 82, and so on.

Nothing at all happens each time you go through 100 levels. You absolutely do not lose anything or change in any way.

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