For some reason, when I open the Roblox site, it takes 10 minutes or longer to finish loading. I've tried turning the wifi, restarting my computer, but it still doesn't work! When I open a game, it just loads forever and ever and ever!! I use an iOS/iMac. How do I get myself out of this???

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    Anything else you could tell us about your setup? Have you tried upgrading your computer? – aytimothy Feb 21 at 9:37

Roblox is down right now. It'll be back later today.

DevForum thread on the topic

Update: This should now be resolved.

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Their might be a few reasons but you have to specifically tell a reason, is it because you have other apps or tabs running, it can stress the ram, is it because their is a humongous update in the Roblox server, or you can try system defragging your PC, is it because you have to much data, apps, files and other junk?

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  • Nevermind the solution is fixed – thegamerguy Feb 22 at 1:21

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