In a 1.15.2 java server, I want to use this design for a timed bubble elevator, but the sticky piston is not extending. Everything powers up as it should, except the piston.

Any ideas?


  • In theory there could be a bridge of slime connecting the slime blocks to the ground hidden behind the soulsand etc. Of course then you wouldn't ask in this case, but sometimes more perspectives are helpful. – Fabian Röling Feb 26 at 4:34

Your piston is not receiving direct redstone power: Notice how the redstone wire is pointed away from the piston. In order to power that piston, you'll need to either power a block directly adjacent to the piston, or loop your wire around slightly so that it points directly at the piston.

One thing you can do is bring that wire up 1 block: place a block next to the repeater with a piece of redstone on it, and another block directly behind the piston. This should give your piston direct power, allowing this design to work.

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  • screenshot tk, give me a minute – Unionhawk Feb 25 at 14:06

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