I have a system set up to trigger a command block if an entity walks to that spot. However, it is setting off the trigger without an entity being there. This is the command that I'm using:

execute if entity @e positioned -86 5 82 run fill -88 4 79 -88 4 79 minecraft:redstone_block

Why is my command running even when an entity is not in that location?

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    /execute positioned does nothing if you don't use the coordinates for anything and /execute if entity @e is pretty much always true. Feb 27 '20 at 23:10

Your command is testing for an entity with the selector @e, which is any entity. This will almost always be true while you are on the world / server.

The positioned means that the command is ran from the location, so if you did /execute positioned x y z run setblock ^ ^ ^ stone then the block at x y z would be set to stone.

The correct version of this command would be:

/execute positioned x y z if entity @e[distance=..1] run fill xyz1 xyz2 block

And obviously you would replace x y z, xyz1, xyz2 and block with your own data.

  • That's actually wrong: you should instead omit the positioned subcommand and instead use the x, y, and z target selector arguments. Sep 27 at 1:12

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