I was playing A Hat in Time, and suddenly the game crashed. When trying to load the game up again I get the following message:

Failed to create the D3D9 Device! This can happen if the desktop is locked. Exiting...

I have ran dxdiag which says everything is hunky-dory.


You can try the standard fixes:

People have reported the following fix the issues.

  • Setting Game Launch Options to -dx9.
  • Browse Local Files.
    Right click A Hat in Time; press Properties...; select Local Files tab; select Browse Local Files...
    This will open an explorer window to steamapps\common\HatinTime. From here navigate to HatinTimeGame\Config and open HatinTimeSystemSettings.ini

    Edit game config.

    From here there are two reported fixes:

    • Edit ResX and ResY to smaller values.

    • Set Fullscreen to false.


For me setting fullscreen to false worked.
The game set my vertical monitor as the default, and then positioned the game on a different monitor.

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