I'm using Steam on Windows. How can I review a game? I remember previously I would right click the game in my library and choose 'write a review' but that option seems to be no longer there.

  • Note that reviewing is not available for all games; there must be a minimum play time limit required before you are allowed to review.
    – 6005
    Jan 2 at 3:48

If you scroll down on the game page in your library, there is a button that lets you post a review:

enter image description here

Alternatively, if you have played a game for some time but have yet to write a review, there is a feedback panel that leads to a review prompt page:

enter image description here

Which leads to:

enter image description here


You can write a review for a game you own from the game's store page. You can reach the store page through the link under the install/play button on the game's entry in your library.

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