I can't seem to get the /playsound command to play ANY cave sounds nor underwater sounds. I can't find the right syntax for Bedrock, only Java. Does anybody know a command that works for cave sounds on Bedrock?

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You can find a list of values on the wiki.

Unfortunately, you can't play cave sounds in Bedrock Edition, only Java.


I think they’re going to add cave ambience to Bedrock in the Caves and Cliffs update because you can do the cave ambience play sound command in Beta.


In beta cave ambience was added in bedrock, but it plays too frequently and mojang or the community wanted to fix it on beta

On beta the ambience will play less frequently

According to an animoapp user

Cave sounds can occur in every area that is at least 3x3x3 blocks but they tend to be heard much more often in bigger areas

/playsound ambient.cave @p


/playsound ambience.cave @p

(I forget which one)

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