I was testing on my Minecraft save with health effects and wanted to test my resistance ability with the Void. Naturally I tp'd down to some ridiculous y level, which NBT Explorer said was -1E31. Immediately, Minecraft stopped responding and eventually crashed. Here's what I've tried, reopening the save after every attempt:

  • Changing my UUID's Pos NBT tag in NBT Explorer to 100
  • Removing my UUID player data altogether
  • Optimising the world in-game

Each time, I'm met with 'Joining world...' followed by (Not Responding). Before you ask, no, I didn't make any backups. I wasn't expecting it to be this bricked.

My guess is that I generated a region file in the map that breaks everything, but I have no idea how to identify the culprit file. Is there any way to save my world?


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For a singleplayer map, you not only need to remove or change your UUID's position, but also the 'Player' in level.dat, which is whoever opens the world from the Singleplayer menu.

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