Ok, so sometimes when i talk to a villager in town they would say something like "oh! Rumor has it you're a bell pincher!" Or when your visiting a dream town a villager would say "the mayor here is such a time traveler!". I was wondering what all the rumors about you where and what they meant. I know some like being called a bell pincher means you dont spend much and you have tons of money or being called a time traveler means you change the clock settings a lot. But recently i've been called a "hometown hero" and i have no idea what that means. Thank you in advance!


This page has a list of all the rumors in New Leaf and how you get them (scroll down to the New Leaf section to see them): https://animalcrossing.fandom.com/wiki/Reputation

Specially, the hometown hero one you mentioned is from having a high approval rating.

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  • Whats an approval rating? – Ari Mar 16 at 3:44

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