I was playing the new 1.16 snapshot and was wondering where the best place to look for ancient debris would be.


The best Y-coordinate to find Ancient Debris is Y-13, seeing as you are below the lava oceans and the ancient debris seem to spawn more frequently and in larger quantities. Hope this helps!

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    The Wiki says on average, Y=15 yields the most (see the graph). What makes you believe Y=13 is better? Sure it's not far off... but I'm curious. – Timmy Jim Mar 19 at 14:29
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    You would be able to see ancient debris spawning at y=15 if you were mining a 2x1 tunnel, and I used command blocks to survey the nether. – PaliKai Mar 19 at 14:36
  • very interesting @PaliKai could you share information on the results across all Y levels? – Matthew Mar 19 at 14:38
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    Due to the lack of netherack in the mid and high sectors of the nether, it would be more common in the lower portions of the nether, below the lava oceans. I noticed that the debris had larger quantities the lower you went. – PaliKai Mar 19 at 14:41
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    I'm going to delete my answer, I based mine of knowledge of the two y levels they appeared, I think this is a much better answer given the work done :) – Matthew Mar 19 at 14:46

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