My SO and I are playing minecraft and chatting over discord but when we load our shared server the voice chat doesn't work. I can sometimes hear the odd word from her but nothing more.

We've tried resetting discord, re-downloading minecraft, and any fixes to audio drivers we can find online but no luck.

  • Maybe your internet connection can't handle both? that's the only reason I can think off. – MegaCrafter10 Mar 23 at 2:28
  • Troubleshooting: when you're in a call, there's a set of bars at the bottom of the discord client. What colour are they? If they're red/yellow, try changing the region your server is in by going to server settings and altering the location. If you're in a DM, this won't work. The problem won't be audio drivers. – Corsaka Mar 23 at 11:49

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