Similar to XCOM 2 and it's ridiculously crazy research tree, is there a flowchart guide as to what possible upgrades there are in the game, and how to go about getting them?

For instance, there are some which I don't know the full extent of how it upgrades, but at least have a partial idea:

  • Housing
    • Tent (Free) -> Pay off 5,000 Mile debt to Tom, -> House (98k Bells) -> ???
  • Tools
    • Flimsy Tools -> Pay off 5,000 Mile debt to Tom -> Unlock Nook Miles+ -> Redeem 3000 Nook Miles for "Pretty Good Tools" kit -> ???
  • Quality of Life
    • Pay off 5,000 Mile debt to Tom -> Unlock Nook Miles+ -> Redeem 800 Nook Miles for "Tool Ring" -> ???
  • Inventory
    • Pay off 5,000 Mile debt to Tom -> Unlock Nook Miles+ -> Redeem 5000 Nook Miles for "Bigger Pockets" -> ???
  • Well, I guess I can cross 'making a link between XCOM and Animal Crossing' on my list of 'things I tought I would never hear'. – Fredy31 Mar 23 at 18:23
  • There's a 2nd inventory upgrade I got for 8000 now I have 4 rows – Jay Mar 23 at 18:40
  • 1
    I mean... – Sable Dreamer Mar 23 at 19:05

Well it's not a tree—it's linear/single-path.

House upgrades

  • Tent (5k miles)
  • House and storage feature (98k bells)
  • Larger floor plan (198k bells)
  • Room in back of house (348k bells)
  • Larger house and external decorations (548k bells)
  • Rooms on left and right of first floor (758k bells)
  • Second floor (1.2m bells)
  • Basement (2.5m bells)


  • Flimsy (through story)
  • Regular (through story)
  • Colorful/Outdoorsy (customized) in upgraded Nook's Cranny

To my knowledge, as of now there are no further "quality of life" or inventory upgrades.

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  • Are there upgrades to things like haircuts, tool ring, etc.? Like vaulting pole -> ladder -> ??? – senpai Mar 24 at 1:00
  • @senpai the vaulting pole and ladder are separate and have no upgrades – Wolf Mar 24 at 1:02
  • Are the Colorful/Outdoorsy tools considered upgrades or sidegrades to the Regular tools? – senpai Mar 24 at 1:12

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