Does this game use the New Leaf rules?

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No, it's not quite like New Leaf but back to that in a sec.

Yes, you need space all around the tree/sapling, as in it can't be up against a building, right next to the slope to the beach, or even on that peninsula jutting out to the right on the island. A tree that cannot grow in that spot will just remain a stunted sapling.

A good way to test whether a tree can grow in that spot is to dig up a sapling from elsewhere and try to plant it in the target spot (rather than planting the seed or fruit). The hole won't let you plant the sapling if it's a bad location.

But back to that New Leaf stuff, the weird issue of tree spacing (in which the tree in the middle of a group of trees wouldn't grow) has been resolved:


saplings in holes

full trees grow

  • Hmm, in my experience I needed the trees to have 1 space inbetween them horizontally, but 2 spaces vertically. Your pictures show 1 and 1. What did I do wrong?
    – gberger
    Apr 13, 2020 at 15:05
  • A small exception to the building rule is that you can build fences directly next to trees Apr 16, 2020 at 15:23

Yes, new leaf rules still apply, you need space all around for a tree to exist. even if you uproot the whole thing using hunger, it wont let you replant the tree if there isnt room.

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