I would like to remove freeze time on my CS:GO Multi-1v1 server (hosted on dathost.net). I can put mp_freezetime 0 in the console but that only last for a round.

Is there a way to apply this change permanently? To which config file should I put the command?

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I've tried to add the command to server.cfg but the value was ignored.

Appending mp_freezetime 0 to csgo\cfg\sourcemod\multi1v1\multi1v1.cfg solved the issue.


If you have access to it (FTP or web interface) you'll want to change that setting in your server's server.cfg, which is located in your servers csgo/cfg/ directory.

Whatever you put there will be permanent as it will be executed every map change.

However, if you want to customize more settings it's recommended to use a custom config file. Just upload it to /csgo/cfg/ and give it a proper name, like 1v1.cfg. Put all your custom settings there and leave them alone in the server.cfg. Now add the line exec 1v1.cfg (or whatever you named your custom config) to the bottom of your server.cfg when you want to use those settings and remove it when you're done. Of course this also works with multiple different configs.

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