I recently started a new project and our team has a small problem. When we open the console it's spammed with "Failed to execute 'detect' as Sheep":

enter image description here

We are running 1.12.2.
We also have testfor Command Blocks on here:

enter image description here

And we also need to fix this command: execute @e ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-2 ~ purpur_stairs 0 /tp @e[c=1] ~0.3 ~ ~ -90 10, because the console is getting very laggy.

  • It's a long time since I played 1.12.2, but I'm pretty sure the slash (/) in the middle of the execute command makes it not work. And I think that the message just means that there exists an entity (sheep) in the world that does not have purpur stairs 2 blocks below it. – Fabian Röling Mar 26 at 20:52
  • Oh I'm sorry, I probably misread, mistyped the last command. It works just fine, I just wanted to add it to there if it is the problem. – Zeitus Mar 27 at 7:33

I solved it by adding:

execute @e[type=Villager] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-2 ~ purpur_stairs 0 /tp @e[c=1] ~0.3 ~ ~ -90 10. I added [type=Villager] to only try to detect villagers, not all entities.

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    Hello! While this is a valid answer, it would be much easier for fellow users to understand what went wrong in the original command if you could add some explanation. – 54D Mar 27 at 8:03

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