I was trying to start a room with a friend of mine but every time we did, we just kept getting this "unable to connect to friend" notif. Whether i join him or he joins me. Our connection is good too so I have no idea what the problem is.

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You may have a lower connection than needed to connect. If you have a high enough connection, then, you do have to have the same rank.


no you do not need to be the same rank as your friend, However there are a few drawbacks to it when you or your friend is lower then the other, Such as the one with the highest rank will get Reduced EXP (it warns u before u join a friend in salmon run about this) and that u might not have much of a challenge beating the wave

if u cant connect with your friend this might be the reasons

  • your friend is already ingame
  • connection problems midway (not form your switch but between you and him or the server)

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